Featured Projects

A project may be featured for a fee of $30.00, paid by the webmaster who opens it. Featured projects are listed on our main page and the developers page. The following featured project graphic will appear beside the project everywhere it is seen by developers: Featured Project

Advantage for Webmasters?
Although it costs $30.00 to have a featured project, you will save 100% on FreeLancerJobs.net commissions.

Unlike regular projects, there are no charges based on a bid. Developers are not charged the normal commission rates of 5% of the bid or $5.00, whichever is greater. No developer commission means developer bids will be lower, resulting in lower project costs to you!

FreeLancerJobs.net allows certain types of activity on featured projects which is normally against the FreeLancerJobs.net Terms, such as allowing developers to bid using hourly rates, etc. Please consider opening a featured project if you want developers to bid in any unusual way.

You must have $30.00 in your FreeLancerJobs.net account before opening a featured project. If you don't, login to the account management area and deposit sufficient funds for listing a featured project.

Avantage for Developers?
Developers are not charged a commission when they are chosen for a featured project! There are no developer charges for taking part in a featured project.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Featured Projects.


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